Holmen’s AGM, held on Wednesday 13 April, resolved in favour of paying a dividend of SEK 10.50 per share for the 2015 financial year, which is an increase of 0.50 SEK per share compared to the preceding year.

The AGM re-elected Fredrik Lundberg, Carl Bennet, Lars G. Josefsson, Carl Kempe, Louise Lindh, Ulf Lundahl, Henrik Sjölund and Henriette Zeuchner. Lars Josefsson was elected as a new member of the Board for Göran Lundin, who declined re-election. Fredrik Lundberg was re-elected Chairman of the Board.

KPMG AB was re-elected as company auditors. Joakim Thilstedt, authorised public accountant, has been appointed principal auditor.

The AGM resolved in favour of mandating the Board for the period until the next AGM to make decisions to buy back the company’s own shares via the stock market. Acquisitions may be made of up to so many Class B shares that the company’s own shareholding does not exceed 10 per cent of all shares in the company at any time. The Board was also mandated to make decisions to use bought-back shares as settlement for acquisitions or to finance such acquisitions. The 2015 AGM gave the Board a corresponding mandate.

The AGM resolved in favour of implementation of a long-term share saving program directed to the Executive Management and Business Area Managers. The program shall be implemented after the Annual General Meeting 2016 in Holmen. The AGM also resolved that the company's commitment to deliver shares to the participants in the share saving program will be completed by transfers of previously held as treasury shares.

Excerpt from President and CEO Henrik Sjölund's speech to the AGM:

“Forest and energy assets are amazing renewable resources with the potential for increased cash flow over time and constitute two-thirds of the Group’s assets. Following the sale of the mill in Madrid there is potential to achieve good profitability in our paper business based entirely on fresh fiber. Our leading position on the consumer board market and efficient mills offers a potential for growth.”                                                                        

The address to the AGM by Henrik Sjölund, President and CEO, is available on our website www.holmen.com

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