Iggesund Paperboard’s new recovery boiler and turbine is set to start at Iggesund Mill. At almost 240 million Euro, this is the mill’s largest investment ever.

“It feels terrific that the project has come to a successful conclusion, and that we’ve done so within the projected time frames,” comments Björn Kvick, head of Iggesund Paperboard.

The recovery boiler is the “heart” of a sulphate pulp mill and serves this function at Iggesund Mill, which produces the world’s leading quality paperboard, Invercote. The boiler is built to withstand higher pressure than any other recovery boiler in Europe. This increased pressure makes it possible to generate more electricity. The new turbine should be able to supply 520 GWh/year and in the longer term also make Iggesund Mill completely self-sufficient in electricity.

Concurrently with the inve stment in its recovery boiler in Sweden, Iggesund Paperboard is also investing 123 million Euro in a biofuel boiler at the mill in Workington, England. Both investments will help reduce fossil carbon emissions from the mills.

For further information please contact:
Staffan Sjöberg, head of information, Iggesund Paperboard, tel. +46 70 306 4800
Ingela Carlsson, Public Relations Director, Holmen, tel. +46 702 12 97 12

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