With effect from the 3rd January 2011, Holmen Timber and Martinsons Trä form a joint sales company on the UK market.

The sales company is formed by Martinsons Trä buying a share in Holmen Timber Ltd which then will change its name to Holmen Martinsons Timber Ltd. The co-operation in a joint sales company will enable Holmen and Martinsons to strengthen their position on the UK market by supplying substantial volumes in a wide range of Scandinavian Timber products.

"I see great possibilities in this collaboration, as Holmen and Martinsons productions complement each other", says Johan Hedin, marketing manager at Holmen Timber AB. The strategy is to provide a product portfolio that spans a broad range which will include: northern joinery redwood, construction grade whitewood and glulam beams and components from both species.

Holmen Timber AB and Martinsons Trä AB are already part owners of Uni4 Marketing AB, a sales and marketing company focused in the Middle Eastern and North African markets.

"Through Holmen Martinsons Timber Ltd, we will be able to offer our customers a more complete specification, which will be increasingly in demand in the future", says Kenneth Wallin, CEO at Martinsons Trä AB. "This co-operation enables us to supply an interesting product mix in volumes that increases delivery frequency while keeping the logistical costs down. Our ambition is to take advantages of the product - and volume synergies to become a strong and reliable partner to our current and future customers".

For further information please contact:
Johan Hedin, marketing Manager Holmen Timber AB,
+46 70 211 08 56
Kenneth Wallin, CEO Martinsons Trä AB,
+46 70 324 94 65