A fire broke out on Sunday 11 May at the HolmenÂ’s paper mill in Norrköping. One person is reported to have been slightly injured by the smoke.

The fire, which is under control, probably started in the bark and chip stacks located on the site. A number of conveyor belts for chips have been damaged. Other installations that are critical for pulp and paper production, such as the TMP mill, the recovered paper mill, the steam production unit, the paper mill and its three paper machines, as well as loading and unloading at the harbour terminal, have not been affected by the fire. However, production is a present at a standstill throughout the mill.

It is at present uncertain when and to what extent production in the different sections can restart as the work of putting out the fire is still going on.

An investigation has been launched into the cause of the fire, its development and the extent of the damage.