Minister for Education Jan Björklund inaugurated a new pulp line at the Braviken Paper Mill in Norrköping today.

The investment means that existing cutting edge technology combined with newly developed equipment will be tried out on a full scale for the first time.

“The new pulp line not only gives better pulp quality and higher production capacity, it will also result in greatly improved energy efficiency by reducing electricity consumption by 25 per cent, as well as lower oil consumption,” says Magnus Hall, Holmen’s President and CEO. “The investment is one aspect of the process of raising the quality of our products; it also reflects our aim of contributing to long-term sustainable development by means of reduced energy consumption per tonne of paper produced. Given today’s high energy costs it is also a key pre-requisite for higher profitability.”

The investment cost of the pulp line, which will replace a 30-year-old production unit, was approximately MSEK 500. The pulp is used to produce newsprint and special printing paper.