How do we meet the climate challenges and strengthen biodiversity and what is the role of the forest for the green transition? Together with the Forest Industries, Holmen wants to contribute to a positive social development, and we have the ambition to both improve our positive impression and increase the outside world's insights into what we in the industry do and can do.

With "Framtidsresan", Skogsindustrierna is launching a long-term campaign that is part of making the forest industry's contribution visible and seeking the answers to how we together can tighten the bow and contribute even more.

The launch of the campaign was the LinkedIn event "How can Sweden become more circular" on December 2, where Holmen's Sustainability and Communications Director Stina Sandell together with Stefan Sjöstrand, President and CEO, SkiStar AB and Viveka Beckeman, CEO of Skogsindustrierna, discussed what consumers, companies and politicians can do to facilitate the circular journey.

"How can we think even more far-sightedly and creatively?"

"Sustainability and circularity are two areas that almost never compete, on the contrary – collaborating across borders with other industries and companies can create completely new opportunities. We take care of the whole tree, and our business is fundamentally circular, but how can we think even more far-sightedly and creatively? In new and unexpected contexts, we in Holmen can certainly both inspire and be inspired. As a viewer comment on the event said: 'hat one person classifies as trash, someone else might class as raw material´, says Stina Sandell, Senior vice President Sustainability and Communications, Holmen.

If you were unable to attend the event live, you can watch it here

The future journey will last for three years and have a major focus on:

  • Vitality throughout Sweden
  • Climate change
  • A circular society
  • Biodiversity

The circular is the only way – how do Holmen contribute

Growing prosperous forests, efficient raw material handling and circular cycles are prerequisites for Holmen's profitability. It is also the basis for a genuinely sustainable business.

Holmen's business model is circular. The forest cycle gives us wood. The wood is refined and becomes products, which our customers can in turn refine. When the life cycle comes to an end, the products can be recycled and resurrected in a new form, or useful as biofuel.

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