Johan Padel, head of Wood products, and responsible for the work of merging the companies, is happy:

- It feels great that we now can work with full focus and strive to get the best mix of Holmen and Martinsons. It is a job that will take time. At present it is "business as usual".

With the acquisition, Holmen creates the opportunity to refine a large part of the raw material from its own forests in its own industry and gains a strong position in the wood market in northern Sweden. At the same time, Martinsons will get a new strong and long-term owner who will continue to develop the business and strengthen its position in wood processing and wood construction.

Sören Petersson, head of Forest, also expresses joy that the deal is complete:

- I have always been impressed by Martinsons’ forward thinking and its ability to develop and I see several advantages with the acquisition of Martinsons. We can refine our own raw material in the north, strengthen our position in the wood market and create a platform for continued industrial development. At the same time, we acquire knowledge and leadership in advanced wood construction, which strengthens our brand.

- Based on Holmen's large forest holdings, and the solid knowledge and experience that exists in both Holmen and Martinsons, we look forward to continuing to develop the business and contribute to increased wood construction, which is an important part of the solution to the climate challenge, Johan Padel concludes.