"We have had to get used to being increasingly affected by decisions made in Brussels. With Nils' skillset, I'm convinced that we will be able both to convey a more accurate picture of Swedish forest management and also gain an understanding of what we need to do to see fresh fibre accepted as a natural element in the circular economy," says Henrik Sjölund, President and CEO, Holmen. 

Much of the legislation passed in Sweden is either imposed directly by Brussels or indirectly via Directives that are interpreted and incorporated into legislation in Sweden. This means that there is a vital need to increase awareness of the conditions under which Nordic forest management operates to further the competitiveness of Holmen and the Swedish forest industry in Europe. 

"Our sustainable forest management is a matter close to my heart, particularly the right to manage the forest, combined with the position of products based on fresh fibre versus products based on recovered fibre. It feels extremely exciting and stimulating to take on this challenge," says Nils Ringborg, Director of International Affairs, Holmen. 

In his new role, Nils Ringborg will report to President and CEO Henrik Sjölund.

For further information, please contact:
Hakim Belarbi, PR and Public Affairs Manager, Holmen, tel. +46 70 482 44 87