The sites are the result of teamwork across organisational boundaries to strengthen the Holmen brand, generate business and make the new websites better suited to their visitors.

“Our websites are the first contact many visitors have with Holmen. We are in the middle of a rapid digitalisation, which will make this interface even more important in the future,” says Erika Jonsson, communications officer at Holmen Skog, and a member of the project team that has been working on the new websites.

One of the major challenges has been the fact that Holmen’s different target groups are so varied.

“People arriving at one of our websites should feel that they have come to the right place, whether they are a forest owner in Lycksele or a designer in Paris.”

“We’ve worked to find the common Holmen denominator in terms of concept and design, yet without being afraid of highlighting the uniqueness of each the business area.”

Digitalisation changes the playing field

Erika points out that the new sites will evolve over time and are not fully complete at launch. However, they will provide a solid platform for developing more innovative and business driven functions in the future.

“The new websites will give us better opportunities to strengthen our Group-wide brand, develop market communication and generate new business,” says Erika, adding that it is important to understand the revolutionary power of digitalisation and the need to embark on the journey that Holmen is now taking.


  • The reason for the upgrade is partly to replace outdated technology and partly to adapt the content and structure to generate business and live up to the expectations of today’s visitors.
  • The web project is also part of the Group-wide brand journey which focuses on common Holmen elements that all the business areas can benefit from.

The websites involved are:

  • (will be launched in May/June)