2022 has been characterized by the energy crisis in Europe and the war in Ukraine, while the world’s central banks struggled with high inflation driven by shortages of raw materials. With our own forest and energy production as a foundation, we at Holmen have been able to advance our positions in several segments, despite the uncertain environment, with earnings surging above SEK 7 billion. This is a record result.

  • Operating profit for 2022 amounted to SEK 7 527 million (2021: 3 731). Excluding item affecting comparability, operating profit increased by SEK 3 201 million to SEK 7 262 million due to higher selling prices for paper and paperboard, while cost inflation was limited by a high level of wood and energy self-sufficiency.

  • Compared with the third quarter, operating profit for the fourth quarter decreased by SEK 299 million to SEK 1 622 million. A major maintenance shutdown had a SEK 250 million negative impact on fourth-quarter earnings.

  • Profit after tax in 2022 amounted to SEK 5 874 million (3 004), which corresponds to earnings per share of SEK 36.3 (18.5).

  • Prices for forest properties continued to increase in 2022, which meant that the book value of the Group’s forest assets during the annual revaluation increased by 11 per cent from SEK 47 080 million at the beginning of the year to SEK 52 151 million.

  • The Board of Directors proposes an ordinary dividend of SEK 8 per share and an extra dividend of SEK 8 per share.


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