The European economy remains under considerable inflationary pressure, which the central banks are attempting to bring under control, while at the same time the energy situation is challenging in both the short term and the long term. With our own forests and energy production as a foundation, we have been able to navigate this challenging world well and could yet another quarter keep profits at a historically high level, SEK 1 737 million. Cash flow was very strong and at the end of the quarter net debt had decreased to SEK 376 million. At the beginning of April, SEK 2 592 million was distributed to shareholders in the form of an ordinary and an extra dividend.

• Operating profit for January–March was SEK 1 737 million (January–March 2022: 1 883) which corresponds to an operating margin of 28 per cent. Excluding items affecting comparability last year, operating profit increased by SEK 120 million. Profit from Renewable Energy and Forest increased while the overall profit from the industry was unchanged.

• Operating profit increased by SEK 115 million compared with the fourth quarter.

• Profit after tax for January–March amounted to SEK 1 371 million (1 483), which corresponds to earnings per share of SEK 8.5 (9.2).

• Cash flow after investments amounted to SEK 1 830 million, which decreased net debt to SEK 376 million.


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