The applications submitted to the County Administrative Board in October are for 14 wind turbines in the Högsjön area in the municipality of Finspång and 18 wind turbines in the Klintaberget area in Norrköping municipality. Together the project is for 32 wind turbines which, when fully operational will produce an estimated around 0.8 TWh of renewable electricity a year.

“The energy supply is a sustainability challenge and Holmen wants to be part of the solution. Like other companies and local residents in Östergötland, we have a great need for competitive, reliable electricity. We think the applications weigh up the underlying considerations well and we hope that many people, like us, will be positive and proud of the climate benefit this project has to offer,” says Nils Ringborg, Holmen Renewable Energy’s spokesperson for the wind power projects in Östergötland.

Wind power exhibition opens

To shine a spotlight on the question of Sweden’s future energy supply, on Thursday 28 October we are opening an exhibition on wind power in central Norrköping. It will describe Holmen’s wind power project in Östergötland and show how it forms a part in Sweden’s energy transition. The exhibition is designed for the general public and will be open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays through to the end of January.

More information

For more information about the applications and the exhibition, see:

Project webpage Östergötland (Text in Swedish)