The event arena O-Ringentorget is at Himmelstalundsvallen on the outskirts of Norrköping. Holmen has a big tent here, packed with information and activities. Under the theme “Welcome home”, visitors get to learn more about sustainable forest management, climate-smart products and how Holmen is contributing towards a sustainable future.

“This week gives us an opportunity to meet keen people who love spending a lot of time in the forest,” says Angelica Mattsson, communications manager at Holmen Skog and project manager for Holmen’s sponsorship of the O-Ringen orienteering contest 2019. "The forest is an amazing place and it’s a second home to lots of people. It doesn’t look the way it does by accident. At Holmen we work with careful silviculture and sustainable forest management to make sure the forest is available to everyone, now and in the future. At the same time, we’re doing something important for the climate, and we will be saying more about that during the week!”

Come and see us in the Holmen tent at O-Ringentorget!

Here are some examples of the activities we offer:

Diploma – if you’re participating in the O-Ringen competition, you can have your personal route printed out on a diploma, on paper made by Holmen.
Build a wooden house out of Jenga blocks and enter the competition for the best house of the day.
Drawing corner – draw something, big or small, pull off as much paper as you need from reels from our paper mills.
Product shelf of climate-smart products.
Films – about what it’s like working at Holmen, how we manage the forest and other things to do with the forest.

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