Art made of paperboard


Holmen produces paperboard for packaging in the premium segment. The customer groups may cover a broad spectrum, but they have one thing in common – they want traceable and sustainable products of consistently high quality that guarantee stable results in the customer’s production process.



Our quality paperboard is marketed under the Invercote and Incada brands, both of which are made from fresh fibre. The use of fresh fibre has benefits for both the environment and the product, including greater strength, better brightness and a neutral effect on smell and taste. The superb properties of the paperboard make it possible to produce attractive and flexible packaging that replaces the older generation of fossil-based packaging in terms of both design and function.

Invercote and Incada are manufactured at paperboard mills in Iggesund, Sweden and Workington in the UK. Both mills hold chain-of-custody certification and all the raw material comes from sustainably managed forests. The plants are largely self-sufficient in renewable energy. Iggesund Mill also forms a bio co-location with Iggesund Sawmill, ensuring that every part of the tree is put to use on site. Wood chips from the sawmill become raw material for the pulp production, while bark and wood shavings are used as biofuel to produce energy and district heating. Using the surplus heat in the drying processes closes the circle.


We develop our products on an ongoing basis, in close cooperation with our customers. A prime example of this is our long-standing collaboration with Apple, which has developed into a partnership focusing on innovation and sustainable packaging.

We make our customers’ need for support and rapid deliveries our top priority, offering expert advice before, during and after the customer’s production process. Service centres with warehousing and sheeting units ensure short delivery times and local distribution. Our service offering includes environmental documentation plus access to analysis at the company’s own accredited laboratory for sensory and chemical analysis at Iggesund Mill, known as the smell and taste lab. Coupled with the finishing options at our lamination unit in Strömsbruk, we are able to offer custom solutions that meet the very toughest requirements.

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Iggesund Paperboard

Paperboard in the premium consumer packaging segment. Production, which takes place at one Swedish and one UK mill, amounts to 0.5 million tonnes a year.

20% of the Group’s capital is employed in the Paperboard business area. 



Key figures

SEKm 2019 2018 2017
Net sales: 6 229 5 785 5 526
Operating profit/loss*: 435 689 764
Investments: 421 471 375
Capital employed: 5 589 5 316 5 433
Average number of employees: 1 286 1 346 1 383
Deliveris, '000 tonnes: 538 525 526

*excl. items affecting comparability

Paperboard mills

Iggesund Mill

Iggesund Mill can be traced back centuries to its origin as an ironworks. Today it is a modern integrated paper mill that manufactures homogenous bleached paperboard from chemical pulp. Called Invercote, the product family produced here is used for graphical products and premium quality packaging. Examples of its varied applications include exclusive packaging for perfume, chocolate, wine and spirits. Combined with the nearby lamination unit in Strömsbruk, the mill offers a high degree of finishing options.

  • Raw material: Softwood and hardwood pulpwood
  • Process: Sulphate pulp
  • Product: Multi-layered paperboard made from bleached chemical pulp (SBB)
  • Brand: Invercote

Workington Mill

Workington Mill in the UK is the only manufacturer of folding boxboard made from bleached mechanical pulp with an outer layer of bleached chemical pulp. The Incada product family manufactured in Workington is used in packaging for confectionery, cosmetics, wine, spirits, frozen and dried foods and tobacco products, plus greetings cards and covers.

  • Raw material: Sprucewood and purchased sulphate pulp
  • Process: TMP
  • Product: Multi-layered paperboard, surface layer of chemical pulp, core of mechanical pulp (FBB)
  • Brand: Incada