Henrik Sjölund
President and CEO.
Born in 1966. Joined Holmen in 1993.
Degree: MSc in Economics.
Career: CEO since 2014. Prior to that various positions at Holmen Paper.
Shareholding: 39 602 shares. Henrik Sjölund has no material shareholdings or ownership interests in companies with which the Group has significant business relations.
imagesssyk.png Anders Jernhall
Executive Vice President, CFO.
Born in 1970. Joined Holmen in 1997.
Degree: MSc, Stockholm School of Economics.
Career: CFO since 2010. Prior to that various positions within Holmen and Citibank.
Own and related parties’ shareholdings: 20 160 shares.*
imagey7ik6.png Lars Lundin
Senior Vice President Board and Paper.
Born in 1966. Joined Holmen in 2018.
Degree: EFL, Executive Education, IMD Management.
Career: CEO Fiskeby Board, Stora Enso, National Starch and Chemical. 
Shareholding: 3 000 shares.*
imageav7p.png Johan Padel
Senior Vice President Wood products.
Born in 1966. Joined Holmen in 2014.
Degree: BA at Stockholm University and Örebro University.
Career: Moelven, Setra Group, Swedwood (IKEA-Group).
Shareholding: 2 570 shares.*
imagesz676.png Sören Petersson
Senior Vice President Forest.
Born in 1969. Joined Holmen in 1994.
Degree: MSc in Forestry.
Career: SVP Forest since 2010. Prior to that various positions within Holmen Forest.
Shareholding: 19 378 shares.*
Fredrik Nordqvist
Senior Vice President Renewable Energy.
Born in 1971. Joined Holmen in 2011.
Degree: BE at KTH Rayal Institute of Technology.
Career: Sweco, WSP.
Shareholding: 721 shares.
imagewqqm.png Ola Schultz-Eklund
Senior Vice President Technology.
Born in 1961. Joined Holmen in 1994.
Master of Science in Engineering KTH, and MSE, KTH.
Degree: SEP, MBA, London School of Economics, KTH Royal Institute of Technologics. 
Career: CPI, Iggesund Paperboard, Holmen Paper, Modo Paper.
Shareholding: 4 000 shares.*
image0pmst.png Henrik Andersson
Senior Vice President Legal Affairs.
Company secretary.
Born in 1971. Joined Holmen in 2008.
Degree: Master, law, Uppsala University.
Career: Loomis, Gambro.
Shareholding: 5 296 shares.*
Stina Sandell
Senior Vice President Sustainability and Communications.
Born in 1966. Joined Holmen in 2017.
Degree: Master's degree in Strategic Communications, DIHR, Stockholm University.
Career: JP Bank, Cardguide Stockholm, SMG, AMF, SBAB.
Shareholding: 2 156 shares.*
imageu6bs.png Gunilla Rolander
Senior Vice President Human Resources.
Born in 1966. Joined Holmen in 2013.
Degree: BSc, Human Resources, Uppsala University.
Career: SVP HR since 2015, Fortum, Goodyear Dunlop Europe.
Shareholding: 3 436 shares.*

* The shareholding refers to 31 Dec 2022