The opportunity to provide information via Holmen's whistleblower function is voluntary and constitutes an alternative to other reporting channels. Whistleblowers are primarily encouraged to present information in other ways, for example by contacting their manager (applies to employees), the HR department or another responsible person within the Group.

The whistleblower function can be used to report cases in a work-related context of information about misconduct concerning, for example:

Irregularities relating to accounting, internal accounting control, auditing, bribery, business ethics, human rights, serious environmental crimes, serious deficiencies in workplace safety, serious forms of discrimination and harassment, protection of privacy and personal data, and security and information systems, or other serious irregularities affecting the vital interests of the company or group or the lives and health of individuals LSA and if there have been violations of Swedish or EU law in the group, or there are other irregularities that there is a public interest in bringing to light.


Holmen's whistleblower function gives people the opportunity to submit the report in writing via a secure and anonymous cloud service provided via the independent supplier Qnister. Your report will be encrypted and no IP addresses can be traced. It is also possible to submit your report by phone or by booking a physical meeting for those who wish. The different options and more information about these can be found via the link.

If the report is submitted in writing via the web form, you choose whether you want to remain anonymous or whether you want to provide your contact information. Whether you want to remain anonymous or not, you will receive an anonymous ID and password that you can use to stay in touch and get feedback from the person investigating the report.

If you choose to submit your report via the telephone number found via the link, you will only be contacted for further information and feedback if you choose to provide contact details, and not if you choose to remain anonymous. Reports received via the web form in the whistleblower service are sent to independent recipient functions within Holmen's Group staff, which will decide whether they are suitable to investigate the matter or whether the further handling of the report should be handed over to another independent party.

Discrimination or retaliation against a person who in good faith informs the company of illegal or unethical conduct, or against a person who assists in the reporting, a person connected to the disclosing company or to legal entities that the disclosing person owns, works for or is otherwise connected with in a work-related context; will not be tolerated.

The report is handled confidentially. Exceptions may be made if it is necessary for a full and fair investigation. Processing of personal data will take place in accordance with applicable legal requirements, for more information, see Holmen's processing of personal data.

It is of the utmost importance that information is provided in good faith and that, to the knowledge of the information provider, it is correct. A report should contain as many facts as possible to facilitate the investigation of the case. A report that cannot be investigated or substantiated will not lead to further scrutiny.

Do you want to inform the company about serious irregularities? Scan the qr code further down the page to continue. Or use the link below:

To ensure your anonymity – keep the following in mind:
Write off this link and type in your browser.
Do not use the company's computer or network.