There is a lot that makes Berga Knowledge Forest the ideal habitat for reindeer, particularly in the winter. It is a large area with plenty of pasture. The roads are not ploughed during wintertime, which means the reindeer can graze undisturbed. Holmen enjoys a close cooperation with reindeer herders in northern Sweden. Although Holmen and reindeer herders have different interests, we come together regarding the forests so that we can all take care of our business.

The long summer migration

Berga falls within Gran Sami Village, which is based in Ammarnäs. Every spring, the Sami village migrates from the Västerbotten coast to the Norwegian border. As winter approaches, it returns. This is one of the longest regular nomad migrations in the world. Reindeer have been herded here in Berga for centuries. In the north-western part of the area are the remains of a lavvu (a Sami teepee) and fireplace, which shows that the area has long been used by reindeer herders.