Wood products

Specific properties are needed for specific purposes. We provide a wide range of timber products for construction, joinery and packaging, made from pine and spruce from our own managed forests.

Our construction timber

The raw material comes to Braviken Sawmill in the form of pine and spruce from forests in central Sweden and is 100 per cent traceable. On average, trees are 80 years old when harvested. The modern, high-tech sawmill produces a wide range of standard dimensions and grades as well as pressure-treated wood products.

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Our joinery timber

The raw material for our products comes from Holmen’s own slow-growing and responsibly managed forests and is bought in from private forest owners. Our advanced wood grading technology, which includes X-ray scanning, sawing with a horizontal saw, a trimming saw with camera sorting and batch kilns with pressure frames, produces even and stable quality and ensures we can meet our customers’ specific needs.

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Our wood for pallets and packaging

Our secondary products, in other words boards that do not need to meet specific criteria in terms of appearance or strength, are delivered to the packaging industry.

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