Closeup on pine

Benefits of wood

Wood plays an important role in efforts to combat climate change. Wood is a renewable raw material that has the capacity to bind carbon. When you choose wood as a building material, you are choosing sustainable development.

Why use wood?

Wood is the only construction material that is fully renewable, organic and climate-smart. Wood products store carbon dioxide for a long time, making wooden buildings significantly more climate-smart than those built using fossil-based materials and processes, such as steel and concrete. Replacing these with renewable structural components in wood reduces emissions of greenhouse gases, while planting new trees for wood captures more carbon dioxide.

In addition, the whole chain from manufacture to transport is much more energy-efficient and cost-effective for wood products than for other construction materials. One of the main objectives of Holmen’s forest management is for as many of the seedlings planted as possible to become magnificent trees that stand tall and proud and that can be harvested 80 to 90 years later, primarily to become building material for future eco-friendly housing.

Our wood products

Specific properties are needed for specific purposes. We provide a wide range of timber products for construction, joinery and packaging, made from pine and spruce from our own managed forests.

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