“Holmen's deliveries live up to our high standards in terms of both quality and delivery reliability. Pine from the Iggesund area is superior as raw material and makes it possible to be very proud of our range of products”, says purchasing manager Allan Rasmussen.

VTI was founded in 1976 by Flemming Nielsen and is still owned by the founding family. The company is a leading manufacturer in the European market and the close collaboration with Holmen started 20 years ago.

“Over time, sustainability has become increasingly important. The fact that the timber comes from Holmen's sustainably cultivated and PEFC/FCS certified forests is no coincidence - our customers not only want high quality of the products but also want to contribute to durable resource management throughout the whole chain.”

The manufacturing of the products that can be purchased in furniture or window stores as well as in the "Do-it-yourself department store" is extremely complex. The raw material must be perfect in terms of knot distance, annual ring width and core heart wood share, as each product has specific and high requirements.

This is why Holmen's wood products fit so well in VTI's modern production environment. The company has continuously invested in modern technology, knowledge and production capacity. In 2000, for example, a new, modern plant was inaugurated to successfully meet the demand for glue-laminated products, that began to increase rapidly at that time.

“For us, it is all about long-term development on the basis of demand that changes over time. We develop new products in close cooperation with both customers and suppliers, and I am convinced that we will do this together with Holmen for a long time to come, Allan Rasmussen,” concludes.


Facts Vinderup Træindustri (VTI):

Danish VTI was founded in 1976 and is a leading manufacturer of high quality, glue-laminated wood products for the European market. Their products are sold to furniture manufacturers, do-it-yourself markets and the window industry. The company was awarded the prestigious King Fredrik IX Award in 2005 for its important contribution to Danish export and has collaborated with Holmen since 2000.