Materiality analysis

In 2018, Holmen conducted a root and branch materiality analysis to establish our role in a sustainable future. The work included both internal and external stakeholders, with the results of the analysis providing the basis for the development of Holmen’s Group-wide sustainability work.

Materiality analysis

An in-depth dialogue with stakeholders lays the foundation for Holmen’s sustainability work.

Holmen operates in a world of rapid change, which is why we chose to carry out an even more thorough materiality analysis this year. Around 50 interviews and workshops were held, plus consultations with external stakeholders including customers, investors, public authorities, politicians, universities and NGOs. The analysis showed that Holmen is an important player when it comes to climate change, biodiversity and the local community. Many of the sustainability issues associated with these areas have been identified as essential to Holmen’s drive towards our vision of growing a sustainable future. They are presented in the image to the right.

Based on these numerous sustainability issues, we have established that we at Holmen will secure long-term profitability and a sustainable future by:

The interests of our stakeholders were closely aligned with Holmen’s own ideas about what to prioritise. This gives us a boost as we continue along our set path towards a vision of creating a sustainable future.

During 2019, no new materiality analysis has been made as we have made the estimation it is still relevant.

Here you can read more about Holmen Materiality Assessment 2018.pdf