Strategic choices and investments for the future have strengthened Holmen's sustainability profile, which has led to recognition in important contexts. Holmen is included in a number of sustainability indexes, which can be seen as a mark of quality, showing that Holmen is capable of tackling risks as well as opportunities in the field of sustainability.

GRI - Global Reporting Initiative

Holmen has opted to base its sustainability reporting on the guidelines for sustainability reporting issued by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). At Holmen's request, KPMG has performed a general review of the contents of the Group's GRI reporting. A complete GRI register and the auditors' report can be found here on the Holmen website.

Corporate indexes and funds

There has been increased demand from financial analysts for detailed information on different companies' risks and opportunities relating to environmental issues, social responsibility and responsible corporate governance. International investors are increasingly seeking opportunities for investment in companies with sustainable development as an explicit goal.

Holmen is continuously evaluated by sustainability analysts and is included in a number of international sustainability indexes. These contacts serve as an important element of the stakeholder dialogue that is maintained. Holmen's inclusion, for several years now, in a number of sustainability indexes can be seen as testament to the company's systematic handling of sustainability issues over a long period. Appearing in such indexes gives the work a stamp of quality and shows that the company is able to manage risks and opportunities alike. Both are key parameters for consideration by investors.

The reporting to the UN Global Compact and the CDP, continuous assessment of its sustainability work and reporting in line with GRI are effective ways of providing relevant data for the analysis of Holmen.

A selection of company indexes in which Holmen is included follows in the right-hand column.

Global 100 - Holmen one of the world's most sustainable companies

In 2017 Holmen was placed 21st in the prestigious Global 100 index of the 100 most sustainable companies in the world, with Holmen being the only company in the forest industry sector to make it onto the list. Almost 5 000 companies were evaluated for the index, which is based on an overall assessment of how a company handles issues such as resource management, employees and governance.

Golden Peacock Global Award

Holmen was awarded the Golden Peacock Global Award for Sustainability in 2017.

The jury made particular reference to Holmen's absorption of carbon dioxide in its growing forest and the climate benefit from its products. This is the first time a Swedish company has won in the sustainability category.

CDP – assessments 2017

The CDP CLIMATE PROGRAM is the name of an international federation that in 2017 represented over 800 institutional investors with assets totalling around SEK 900 billion. CDP, which is a non-profit organisation, seeks to encourage companies around the world to reduce their impact on the climate and nature's resources, and it presents an annual report on the outcome of its work. Using information from 6 300 listed companies, CDP has built up the world's largest database of climate information. This information is made available to support strategic business and investment decisions. Holmen has reported to the CDP Climate Program since 2007. The survey of climate work in 2017 shows that Holmen has good management in place and a strategy to reduce the negative impacts of climate change.

CDP FORESTS PROGRAM. In 2017, CDP sent out a questionnaire to around 1 100 companies around the world on the risks and opportunities of forest management from a climate perspective. Holmen is among the less than a quarter of companies that completed the survey. In the evaluation of forest management, Holmen was placed in the group for good leadership that ensures sustainable use of the forest's resources.

Sustainability indexes

Global 100






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