Holmen's policies and guidelines provide guidance on the requirements and expectations we have of Holmen's employees. The principles in these steering documents have been summarised in Holmen's Code of Conduct, published in June 2015. Together with the legislation in each country, it provides the framework for, and governs, Holmen's actions in various areas.

Policies and guidelines

Work on the Group's steering documents intensified in 2015 and a new policy portfolio with guidelines is being drawn up. As part of this process, procedures for follow-up and compliance with the steering documents will also be clarified. The steering documents reflect that set out in the Code of Conduct drawn up for Holmen's employees in 2015. Below is a summary of the policies and guidelines that apply until the new framework for the steering documents has been introduced. 

The environmental and energy policy contains general principles for the Group's environmental activities. It covers the environmental aspects prioritised by Holmen and its stakeholders.  

Wood purchasing guidelines. Holmen stipulates that the wood that the company obtains must be harvested in accordance with applicable legislation and must satisfy specified environmental requirements. There are also procedures on sustainable forest management, setting out how the Group's forests are to be managed from the points of view of both production and the environment. The requirements in the PEFCTM and FSC® (FSC-ID) forestry standards are incorporated in these procedures. 

Personnel policy. The personnel policy reflects the Group's stance on what constitute sound human resources practices. It highlights the joint responsibility of management and employees for maintaining a good work and development climate. The policy also clarifies the requirements to be met by good managers. 

Equality and diversity policy. The equality and diversity policy expresses the Group's view of the equal value of all people and its endeavour to bring about a more even gender distribution and greater diversity. All employees are expected to contribute to a good psychosocial working environment. It should be natural to combine parenthood and work.

Work environment policy. Holmen's work environment policy was revised in 2013 and forms a key pillar of the health and safety work now in focus to reduce the number of work-related accidents.

Guidelines for financial reporting. The guidelines state the goals for the Group's external financial reports and contain detailed guidelines on internal reporting.

Information policy. The information policy regulates how the company is to manage, disseminate and comment on internal and external information. It follows the recommendations of the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

Business ethics policy. The business ethics policy is a new policy produced in 2015. It addresses issues including anti-corruption and competition.

Purchasing policy. The purchasing policy states that Holmen is obliged to apply and maintain good business ethics. Compliance with the requirements of Holmen's Supplier Code of Conduct contributes towards sustainable development.

Supplier Code of Conduct. In 2014, a Supplier Code of Conduct was adopted in conjunction with the revision of the Group's purchasing policy. Under the code, suppliers undertake to respect human rights. The code also covers the environment and business ethics.





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