We are creating a sustainable future with our business rooted in the growing forest. With that foundation, plus well invested production facilities and strong market positions, we will continue to develop our business in paperboard, paper and wood products. This will deliver good profitability and growing value for our forest and our industry, while at the same time contributing to a better climate, flourishing rural communities and to the Swedish economy.

The Swedish forest is growing

Almost three-quarters of Sweden is covered by forest. Today there is twice as much forest in Sweden as there was a hundred years ago and the volume of standing timber is increasing by 1 per cent a year.

Swedish forest


How we manage the forest

Holmen's value creation begins in the sustainably managed forest. By absorbing carbon dioxide, the forest plays an important role for the climate, while also contributing a renewable raw material for our industry. With our own renewable energy production and resource-efficient production units, Holmen creates climate-smart products for the future.

How we manage the forest


We take care of the whole harvest

We saw as much wood as possible from the trees we harvest, and nothing is wasted.

Division of the stem


The carbon cycle

The trees in Holmen's forests capture carbon dioxide and store it throughout their lifetime. The carbon dioxide is then bound in the harvested wood products throughout their lifetime and does not return to nature until the wood is burned or rots. This means that a wooden house that is a hundred years old is still storing the carbon dioxide that the tree absorbed when it was growing in the forest.

As paperboard and paper have a relatively short lifetime, the carbon dioxide bound in these products returns to the ecocycle relatively quickly. However, paperboard and paper can be recycled several times before they, like end-of-life wood products, can be used as biofuel.

During 2017 Holmen's opertations had a net uptake of 2 815 000 tonnes CO2.

Carbon cycle


Energy-efficient production

Production at Holmen's mills and sawmills is largely based on renewable electrical and thermal energy. In the past decade, emissions of fossil carbon from the plants have fallen by almost 80 per cent, and about half of all the energy consumed in operations comes from self-generated renewable production.

Energy efficient

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