Holmen's value creation begins in the sustainably managed forest. This is the source of the renewable raw material underpinning the high-quality products that are appreciated by customers around the globe. The business as a whole, with its own energy production and resource-efficient production units, contributes to long-term value growth and brings climate benefits by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by over two million tonnes per year.

Growing forest ensures stable profitability

Holmen operates active and sustainable forestry with high growth. Harvesting amounts to 85 per cent of the annual growth, which means that the volume of standing timber is increasing year on year. Continuous development of methods and technologies ensures high productivity and good revenue over the long term.

Renewable energy from own production

Holmen's wholly and partly owned hydro power stations are stable and effective suppliers of renewable energy. Electricity production at the hydro power stations and wind farms, together with the electricity production at the larger mills, covers half of the Group's electricity consumption.

Energy-efficient production units

Production at the Group's energy-efficient mills and sawmills in Sweden is largely based on renewable electrical and thermal energy. The paperboard mill in the UK is self-sufficient in electrical and thermal energy, and sells its surplus electricity production to the local community.

Optimal raw material usage

Nothing goes to waste when it comes to the use of the wood raw material. The logs become wood for joinery and construction. Chips and shavings are turned into pulp. Branches and bark become by-products that can be further processed or used for fossil-free energy production.

Customised products and services

Holmen delivers products that exploit all the potential of the forest raw material to create clear competitive advantages for the customer. High quality, reliable deliveries and customised services all bring customer benefits. Continuous product development, coupled with effective and resource-efficient processes, creates products for the future.

Paperboard, paper and wood products constitute basic materials in people's everyday lives. The products are made from renewable raw material and help to capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and since they can replace products made from fossil raw materials, they reduce society's overall emissions of greenhouse gases.

Value creation on every front




Economic value (SEKm)
Customers Sales of paperboard, paper, sawn timber, wood and electricity 17 072
Suppliers Purchases of products and services, along with depreciation, etc. -12 873
Employees Wages, salaries and social security costs -2 268
Lenders Interest -71
State Taxes -436
Shareholders Net profit 1 424
  Board's proposed dividend 1 008

Holmen's operations in 2016 broken down into stakeholders based on the Group income statement. 


  • Sustainable forestry to safeguard biodiversity

  • Carbon dioxide is captured by growing forest and stored in products

  • Renewable products that can replace climate-negative alternatives

  • Renewable electricity production

  • Almost 100 per cent of thermal energy is produced at Holmen's own mills

  • Fresh fibre from Holmen contributes to the recovered fibre ecocycle

  • Almost 100 per cent of by-products and waste is put to good use

  • Reduced emissions to air and water from the plants


  • The economy benefits from direct and indirect job opportunities

  • Delivery of carbon-free electrical and thermal energy plus biofuel

  • Safe working environment with fewer industrial accidents

  • Assessment of suppliers' work on human rights and employee rights

  • Regular contact with local residents, the general public, authorities and the media

  • Forests are important for people's wellbeing and recreation

  • Investors have an opportunity to buy shares in a sustainable company

Holmen AB, P.O. Box 5407, SE-114 84 Stockholm, Sweden. 

Tel: +46 8 666 21 00  E-mail: info@holmen.com


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