Holmen’s personnel management activities focus on developing employeeship, leadership and organisation. Work here is based on laws, collective agreements, and a number of Group-wide guidelines and policies.

The Group's personnel management activities are coordinated by the HR management team. This consists of the personnel managers of the business areas and is chaired by the head of Group Human Resources. The management team meets monthly to discuss and take forward common HR issues and development projects. The team also deals with strategies, policies and common guidelines.

Responsibility for HR work is devolved as close to the activity as possible. However, certain issues are best handled via a common Group structure. Such issues include policy and guidelines, values, expectations of employees, remuneration issues, working environment and union collaboration. Other areas where work is conducted at a Group-wide level, in order to fully develop synergies, include payroll management, training, induction programmes and management and development of HR systems.

Work on analysing the Group's HR work started in the second half of 2015 and is continuing in 2016, with the focus on structure and allocation of responsibilities. As part of this process, the organisation is reviewing which key performance indicators are to be monitored at Group level and how this is to be performed. 

The HR process

Work in the Group's HR departments is based on Holmen's HR policy, local instructions and the business areas' business plans. The larger units have their own personnel managers, HR specialists and health and safety engineers. The business plans are revised annually and agreed by the management teams of the Group and business areas and with the union organisations. The main emphasis is developing structure and clarity regarding talent management, leadership and organisation. The results are monitored via key performance indicators. 

Policies and guidelines

Holmen's HR policies, guidelines and instructions reflect the Group's view of personnel management. All Group-wide HR policies are endorsed by the union organisations. In 2015, a review of the policies for which HR is responsible was initiated. This work will be completed in 2016.

The new HR policy will address the following areas, which will be developed in the guidelines.

Work environment, health and safety

  • Talent management
  • Pay and terms of employment
  • Gender equality and diversity

Laws and collective agreements

A number of laws and collective agreements govern the Swedish labour market. Similar laws exist in the UK and the Netherlands:

  • Work Environment Act
  • Working Hours Act
  • Employment Protection Act
  • Co-determination at Work Act
  • EU anti-discrimination law
  • Agreements between industry organisation the Swedish Association of Industrial Employers and trade union organisations.




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