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A pillar of Holmen's strategy is to operate and develop a profitable and sustainable business: constantly reviewing, streamlining and improving organisation and working procedures form a natural part of this work.

Several business areas were subjected to organisational review during the year. Holmen Paper adapted its sales organisation such that it is now aligned with the strategic focus on speciality papers. Holmen Skog completed an extensive reorganisation to improve efficiency and cut costs.


At Iggesund Mill, a three-year organisational development programme was initiated in 2015 to improve the mill's competitiveness. The programme aims to develop the work culture and working practices, with the focus on leadership, employeeship, management by objectives and efficient teams. At the same time, a new organizational structure was implemented at the mill. This will result in a gradual reduction in the workforce in the period until 2017, to be achieved through natural turnover.


As a means of support to employees – both financial and in their efforts to find new work – during cutbacks, Holmen is affiliated to the employment transition fund Trygghetsfonden TSL.


Productivity – defined as production per employee per year – has risen for several years while at the same time the number of employees in the Group is continuing to fall. This is a result of organisational changes, investments, more efficient working procedures and processes. In 2015, productivity was lower as a result of maintenance and rebuilding shutdowns.





The Holmen Group

Holmen is a forest industry group that manufactures printing paper, paperboard and sawn timber and runs forestry and energy production operations. The company’s extensive forest holdings and its high proportion of energy production are strategically important resources for its future growth.

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