Strong leadership is a factor for success in terms of financial results. Holmen’s objective for leadership is to inspire courage, commitment and responsibility on the part of the company’s employees. Leaders who are able to commit themselves and motivate their employees generate power and potential in their teams and inspire them to perform better.




Manager at Holmen

The company's aspirations for leadership, values and management by objectives are described in Holmen's leadership philosophy, entitled 'Manager at Holmen'.

Leadership development

Recently appointed managers at Holmen are offered a place on the programme 'New Manager at Holmen'. The programme aims to inform about Holmen's leadership philosophy and the fundamental tools of leadership and theories that underpin the philosophy. The programme lasts 3 days and because it is attended by managers from different parts of the Group, participants also gain access to a network of other managers, which the participants consider to be highly important during their management careers.

New managers are also allocated a local tutor to ensure they make a good start. These tutors are colleagues with several years of management experience. The tutor helps with navigation through the initial management period, by serving as a sounding-board and mentor.

Holmen's Group-wide leadership programme, known as HGL, is a 15-day development programme for all managers who have attained a certain level of management experience. The programme provides both theories and tools for use in day-to-day work, but also looks at strengths and areas for development of the participants, making the programme a personal journey of development.

The Holmen International Management Program (HIMP) is an international business skills programme that aims to develop the managers and specialists who deal with strategic issues and who are regarded as having good potential for further development. The programme comprises the topics of financial management, marketing, sales, diversity issues, EU issues, specific industry issues and certain leadership issues. The programme is held every two years, with around 20 participants from all parts of Holmen, and lasts 16 days.

Leadership is exercised not only by those with a management role including employee supervision; it is also commonly practised during processes of change and development by specialists without any direct employee supervision. For this target group, Holmen runs a programme entitled 'Leading without being a manager'. The programme lasts for 4 days and is taken up by around 15 people per year.

Assessment of managers and employees

It is important to identify the employees and managers who have the qualities for – and are interested in – progressing to higher-level duties. Holmen's Talent Review process seeks to analyse which employees want, and can do, more, and to secure as far as possible the order of succession for key positions. A Talent Review process is also proof positive of Holmen's ability to produce good leaders and employees with courage, commitment and responsibility. During the process, special emphasis is placed on bringing women talents to the fore.

Employee surveys are another means of evaluating our activities and leadership. Employee surveys take place in response to the organisation's need to shed light on various issues. Using online or paper-based questionnaires and analysis of the replies, Holmen's business areas obtain answers as to what is working well and what needs to be developed. Every department draws up an action plan which is incorporated into the business plan.

Performance reviews, in which personal objectives and activities are identified, and values and ambitions are discussed, are an important tool for both evaluation and development. The manager plays an important role in inspiring participation in and commitment to the company's business plan and strategic objectives, as well as setting performance demands.





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