Holmen's employees must be treated with dignity and respect. No discrimination or harassment in the workplace is permitted. Holmen's approach to gender equality, diversity and equal opportunities is clearly communicated in both the Group's Code of Conduct and in the company's HR Policy.

No form of discrimination is accepted

Opportunities for professional development shall be fair and equal, irrespective of sex, ethnicity, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, political opinion, union membership, social background, health status or family responsibilities.

In cases where some form of discrimination or harassment has been discovered, the responsible manager is to investigate the causes and take action. The local HR department provides support and performs follow-up. Action plans are available.

Women in Holmen

The forest industry, in which Holmen is active, is traditionally a male-dominated sector. The proportion of women in the Group is still low, at just over 19 per cent, but is slowly rising. Of employees appointed in 2015, around 24 per cent were women.

The proportion of women managers at Holmen's units was very low in the early 2000s. This proportion has doubled since 2007, amounting to 20.5 per cent in 2015. The aim for the proportion of women managers to be just as great as the proportion of women employees was already achieved in 2011.

Women in the management teams

The number of posts occupied by women in the management teams of the Group, business areas and mills is 18. There are two women in Holmen's Group management. The Holmen Board includes two women, both elected by the AGM.

Shortage of women operators

If the number of women in higher positions is to increase further, there is a need for the proportion of women operators to increase. These form the recruitment base for first-line managers. Holmen has started work on this, but it will take time to produce results.

Unwarranted pay differences

Under statutory requirements in Sweden, Holmen conducts a survey of pay in its Swedish units every three years. The company identifies any pay differences between women and men who perform identical or equivalent tasks. The survey is conducted to identify, remediate and prevent unwarranted gender-related differences in pay and other terms of employment. Where unwarranted pay differences have been discovered, action plans have been adopted in consultation with the union organisations.




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