Holmen is continuing to focus on clarifying the company's objectives, direction and expectations. Management by objectives, values and the code of conduct are the three principal tools the company focuses on to make sure that results are achieved.

Management by Objectives

In the course of 2015, a common management by objectives process was established within the Group. On the basis of the business area's strategy, every part of the organisation set out its objectives, critical success factors and key performance indicators. Use of a simple tool for continuous follow-up ensures that the organisation is applying appropriate priorities to attain the objectives established.

Employees who live by Holmen's values

Holmen strives to be a company that is distinguished by employees who, with courage, commitment and responsibility, perform at their best.

COURAGE to act. Holmen's employees are action-oriented and take decisions that lead to tangible results. The company rewards innovative thinking that leads to improvements and solves challenges. The Group believes in transparency internally within the company and with the surrounding community.

COMMITMENT that is long term and sustainable. Holmen's employees work across boundaries and exploit skills, ideas and synergies. Holmen acts with clarity so that each employee will understand what is required and expected of them. Everyone in the Group shows respect for each other and the world around us, and gives each other feedback in an approachable and constructive way.

RESPONSIBILITY based on sensitivity and skills. Holmen's employees create participation by involving each other, sharing ideas and providing opportunities to exercise influence. Holmen takes action at an early stage and demonstrates drive when tackling challenges from the environment in which we operate and is proactive about improvement. Holmen's employees are professional in the way in which we run and develop our operations and we foster sustainable relationships with customers, stakeholders, colleagues and the surrounding community.

The Group-wide core values are built on stable foundations and are considered to be of great assistance in the business in a number of ways. Cooperation within and between groups are developed by discussions about the values and key forms of behaviour. The values also provide support and assistance when making decisions.

Core values are a long-term and ongoing process, and work on this has to be integrated with other business development activities in the company's everyday operations.

The Code of Conduct

The fact that Holmen has a good reputation as a responsible and trustworthy company is fundamental to our business. Our operations must be characterised by responsible behaviour towards employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers, stakeholders, agencies and the surrounding community. This is why Holmen has a clear Code of Conduct which applies to all business relations. We encourage our business partners to act in line with this code and we take this into account when choosing who we work with.

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Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement


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