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In partnership with our stakeholders

Holmen’s broad-based operations offer many interfaces with various groups in society. Familiarity with and continuous dialogue with the company’s stakeholders are a matter of course, facilitating efficient operation of the business in the long term. They also play a part in enabling the company to develop.

Holmen’s stakeholderss

At Holmen we have identified our stakeholders based on the activity carried out, how it affects the world around us, and the actors that influence Holmen. Some of these stakeholders, such as employees, customers, suppliers, the local community, financiers and public authorities are linked to day-to-day operation. Other stakeholders, such as future employees and customers, shareholders, analysts, decision-makers and the media, are important to our long-term development. Holmen’s relationships with some of the most important stakeholders are shown below (in alphabetical order).

In 2018, Holmen conducted a root and branch materiality analysis to establish our role in a sustainable future. The work included both internal and external stakeholders, with the results of the analysis providing the basis for the development of Holmen’s Group-wide sustainability work, described in three focus areas

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Stakeholder information

Financial information

Holmen publishes an annual report, incorporating sustainability, which is audited by external auditors. Financial information is published regularly on the Holmen website.

Information to employees

Holmen’s intranet CONNECT is an important source of information for Holmen’s employees.

Product information

The business areas publish magazines and newsletters for customers and other stakeholders. Product-oriented magazines include Paper (printing paper), Inspire (paperboard) and Skogsliv (forest management etc.).