The shared feature of the products that Holmen produce is that they are
made from fresh fibre from sustainably managed forests, which has benefits for both the product and the environment.

Fresh fibre offers unique benefits

With regard to paperboard products higher strength, better brightness and a neutral effect on smell and taste in contact with food are just a few of the properties that add clear value to the end product. The combination of the fresh fibre and the inherent properties of the paperboard also make it possible to manufacture attractive and functional packaging solutions that offer an excellent substitute for packaging based on fossil raw materials.

Holmen's magazine and book paper is made from fresh fibre from Swedish forests, making it possible to develop paper grades with high bulk, creating paper that is thick but still light. This means that despite fewer tonnes of paper, the customer can produce printed material with the same thickness and feel as traditional, more expensive paper grades. In combination, this leads to lower costs for paper and distribution. Paper based on fresh fibre has extra stability for its weight. In addition, the paper has a naturally higher brightness that improves the way text and images are experienced, compared with paper based on recovered fibre. This makes printed material from fresh fibre based paper a natural complement to digital media.

Recovered paper needs fresh fibre

Pulp, paper and paperboard made from fresh fibre from Nordic forests play an important role in the European recovered fibre ecocycle. Forest resources are limited in the rest of Europe, which means that paper manufacture is based on recovered paper to a considerably higher extent. When the fibre is used the first time it is a fresh fibre. When the paper is collected and recycled it becomes a recovered fibre. Used fibre can be recycled up to seven times before it gets too short and weak and it then ends up as biofuel. The ecocycle needs a constant injection of fresh fibre from the sustainably managed forests. Without fresh fibre, there is no future recovered fibre.

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