Braviken Paper Mill

A new line for energy-efficient production of thermo-mechanical pulp (TMP) began in the autumn of 2008. The investment totalled around SEK 500 million, of which the Swedish Energy Agency contributed around SEK 40 million. Compared with the previous pulp line, the energy need has been reduced to date by just under 20 per cent. In addition, the quality of the paper pulp is greatly superior. Three PhD thesis projects are now focusing on achieving a 30 per cent reduction through further measures.


Several projects are focused on saving energy, principally by increasing heat recovery at the TMP plant. The proportion of TMP pulp in production has also been increased as part of this effort. The need for oil (emissions of fossil carbon dioxide) at the mill has decreased by 55 per cent since 2005.

Hallsta Paper Mill

A new electric boiler was commissioned at the end of 2011. The investment will result in smaller steam losses and reduced use of oil. Several measures have been taken at the mill to reduce the need for oil. The need (emissions of fossil carbon dioxide) has decreased by as much as 90 per cent since 2005. 

Iggesund Mill

Holmen is investing in a new recovery boiler and turbine at Iggesund Mill. The investment totals SEK 2.3 billion and provides a basis for running the operation without using fossil fuels or purchased electricity. The recovery boiler and turbine are expected to be brought online in June 2012. Between 2005 and 2011 the mill’s need for oil (emissions of fossil carbon dioxide) decreased by 30 per cent.

Workington Mill

Conversions have been made in the pulp process, and this has led to a reduction in energy use of 10 per cent. This has also reduced fossil carbon dioxide emissions from the natural gas-fired cogeneration plant located next to the mill.


Holmen is investing in a new bioenergy boiler at the mill. This will mean an entirely new energy situation there. Energy previously purchased that was based on natural gas, a fossil fuel, is now being exchanged for biofuel-based energy. Emissions of fossil carbon dioxide from the mill’s operations are minimised.  The bioenergy boiler is expected to be commissioned in 2013.

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