A wide-ranging mandate and challenging duties in an environment that encourages personal development is how Holmen employees themselves describe their jobs. Advanced technological working tasks and products that make a difference are other positive factors that are highlighted. Attracting skilled and talented people who are keen to show Courage, Commitment and Responsibility in developing Holmen is one of the most strategically important tasks that Holmen has. The best tool for gaining a clear and true picture of Holmen as an employer is our employees. Asking our employees to talk about Holmen as an employer, and about their role, in their own words, enables us to communicate more clearly, and more authentically with the job market. We have many highly skilled, committed employees who talk about Holmen as an employer at careers fairs, on our website, in our recruitment ads and on social media.

Contacts with schools and universities

Holmen maintains close contacts with selected target groups, such as qualifying certified foresters and students specialising in forest industry products. Contacts are made at student events, during summer jobs and with students on degree projects. To many, the result is that Holmen becomes their first option in their future career choice. Other examples of long-term cooperation are regular visits within certain higher education programmes and trainee and work experience partnerships with upper secondary schools and compulsory schools.

Primary and lower secondary school

Holmen participates in the nationwide programme run by the Forest in School organisation. The company also actively hosts pupils on work experience schemes. Over a ten-day period some 60 primary and lower secondary school pupils in the Hudiksvall area have a chance to study the work in the forests and at the mills and follow the whole process from wood to finished product.

Higher education

Holmen takes part in careers fairs held at the technical university colleges and on the Master of Forestry and Forest Management Bachelor programmes at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. The company receives study visits from universities and institutes of technology every year to increase their knowledge of and interest in the forest industry in general and Holmen in particular.

Degree projects and summer employment

Holmen hosts a number of students for degree projects in the Group every year. In addition, Holmen takes on hundreds of young people for summer employment. As well as this, there are a large number of students writing essays in higher education.