At Holmen, training and development are taken for granted as part of the job. This may be organised in several ways, for example in the form of changes in duties, increased responsibility, participation in projects and use of new technology. All the business areas conduct a number of training programmes each year to raise the skills levels of employees. There are also a large number of hours of learning from everyday activities. In addition, the induction of new employees requires major training activities.

Learning without courses

The method that is to permeate through to all areas of skills development is "Learning without courses". Learning takes place as a natural part of everyday work, and the effects are beneficial in terms of both acquisition of skills and cost. The scope of such learning is extensive but difficult to measure.

Examples include:

  • Extended responsibility or new role
  • Work in projects
  • Deputy role
  • Learning to use new equipment
  • Membership of networks
  • Taking part in or receiving study visits
  • Mentor or menteeIn-house teacher or tutor.

Mentoring programme

Holmen's mentoring programme is an in-house programme designed to promote professional and personal development. Assessments indicate a highly positive outcome.

International induction programme

During the local induction programme, a Group-wide induction programme is also offered. This is aimed at new employees with a role that would benefit from a greater understanding of Group-wide issues and cooperation across business areas. In this programme, participants meet members of Holmen's management, specialists and representatives of the various operations around the Group. The aim is to broaden knowledge of Holmen and enable participants to establish an extensive network. Every year around 60 new recruits from the countries where Holmen operates take part.