No form of discrimination is accepted

Opportunities to develop at work must be fair and equal irrespective of sex, transgender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation, age, nationality, political opinion, union membership, social background, health status or family responsibilities.

In cases where some form of discrimination or harassment has been discovered, the responsible manager is to investigate the causes and take action. The local HR department provides support and performs follow-up.

During 2019 no incidents was reported through Holmens Whistleblower service. The incidents that have been raised internally regarding discrimination or harassment have all been handled by an external part. None of these cases have been considered to fall within the legal form of discrimination or harassment. All cases have been handled in accordance with Holmen’s procedures and processes for conflict management.

Physical and organisational working conditions

Holmen is responsible for the physical working environment, work duties and the work organisation being designed, within reason, to suit the employees' physical capabilities. This must be ensured in systematic health and safety activity. Holmen takes special account of gender equality and physical accessibility in new investments and rebuilding projects.

Women in Holmen

The forest industry is a male-dominated sector. Holmen is working to achieve a better balance. The proportion of women in the Group is still low, 20 per cent. Of employees appointed in 2019, 29 per cent were women.

Women in the management teams

The number of positions in the Group's, business areas and mill management groups held by women amounts to 16. Two of these women is also in Holmen's Group management. The Holmen Board includes three women, all elected by the AGM.

Shortage of women operators

If the number of women in higher positions is to increase further, there is a need for the proportion of women operators to increase. These form the recruitment base for first-line managers. Holmen has started work on this, but it will take time to produce results.

Unwarranted pay differences

Holmen prepares action plans and pay surveys at the Swedish units accordance with the Discrimination Act. The company identifies any pay differences between women and men who perform identical or equivalent tasks. The survey is conducted to identify, remediate and prevent unwarranted gender-related differences in pay and other terms of employment. Where unwarranted pay differences have been discovered, action plans have been adopted in consultation with the union organisations.