Social sustainability

Holmen’s operations are decentralised and run by the business areas, mills and forest regions. Important areas of development for Holmen are driven by the Group staffs through networks with specialist skills.


Holmen’s employees must be treated with dignity and respect. No discrimination or harassment in the workplace is permitted. Holmen’s approach to gender equality, diversity and equal opportunities is clearly communicated in both the Group’s Code of Conduct and the company’s HR policy.

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Health and safety

Holmen endeavours to create a good work environment that is both safe and stimulating. All the production facilities exept Linghem sawmill have a certified health and safety management system. For Linghem sawmill, which was acquired in 2017, there is an ongoing project to include the business in other sawmill's certificates.

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Employee dialogue

In order to derive maximum benefit from our employees’ drive and make sure their voices are heard, Holmen uses tools such as its core values, appraisal talks and  employee surveys.

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Union cooperation

Holmen also has a constructive and mutually trusting relationship with the unions and regards it as only natural that all employees should be able to join a union if they wish to do so.

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Skills development

Every year Holmen allocates extensive resources to develop the skills of its employees. This focuses mainly on increasing the professional expertise and proficiency of employees, but also on enabling them to take on new and additional duties. The advanced manufacturing processes mean that jobs in the Group are becoming more complex in terms of the expertise required. Today 35 per cent of employees have a university degree.

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Talent management

Attracting, recruiting and developing skilled, courageous, committed and responsible employees is crucial if Holmen is to continue to operate successfully. The Group works actively to ensure that, as an employer, it is known for positive values and interesting work.

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Our leaders

Strong leadership is a factor for success in terms of financial results. Holmen’s objective for leadership is to inspire courage, commitment and responsibility on the part of the company’s employees. Leaders who are able to commit themselves and motivate their employees generate drive and potential in their teams and inspire them to perform better.

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Thriving rural communities

The forest industry is also of significant regional importance. It creates employment in rural areas and in many cases enables people to live and work outside the big cities. Holmen has an important role as an employer in several locations, and our engagement and partnerships help to create flourishing local communities, which in turn helps us to attract and retain competent employees.

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Modern Slavery Act

As signatories to the UN Global Compact, Holmen has undertaken to uphold and respect human rights in its sphere of influence. Since suppliers fall within that sphere of influence, it is important to set clear requirements for them on the issue of human rights. 


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There are all sorts of opportunities within Holmen. We employ everyone from engineers and operators to economists, information systems graduates and behavioural scientists. Our forestry operation also employs certified foresters and forest rangers.