Our customers can rest secure in the knowledge that we protect the forest we manage and that our production methods are sustainable. We are transparent about our working methods and our customers know where the products they buy come from. They can also have confidence in our business relationship. Holmen has been here for hundreds of years and has its sight set on the future. Many of our customer relationships have developed into close partnerships in which we work together to meet changing needs in an increasingly complex and global world.

Please read here what we are doing and what our targets are within this focus area. 

Despite our long-term focus, we know that a better tomorrow demands innovative thinking today. This is why we set great store by developing smart solutions and a forward-thinking product offering. At the same time, we work actively with other industry actors to make decision-makers, authorities and the general public aware of the forest’s importance for the climate and that sustainable forestry is the very foundation of the emerging bioeconomy.

The contribution made by our business to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals: