Holmen's environmental work has been described in environmental and sustainability reports since 1993. Environmental legislation and requirements of environmental authorities have become successively more stringent over the intervening period. This has led to Holmen to make environmental and energy concerns important aspects in planning production and investments. The aggregate effect has been a gradual reduction in the Group's environmental impact over a long period. Efforts to improve energy efficiency and reduce the use of fossil fuels have steadily increased since 2000 for reasons related to climate change and resources.

To sharpen the focus on climate and energy issues Group-wide goals for sustainable development have also been in place for a number of years. These goals focus on increasing growth in the forest, reducing use of fossil fuels and increasing the proportion of company-produced renewable electrical energy.

Other prioritized environmental aspects are emissions to air and water, waste and noise.

Holmen also considers it important to investigate and, if necessary, remediate contaminants at discontinued industrial sites, contamination that arose as a result of technology and practice that existed when these sites were still in operation. The investigations are carried out in consultation with the environmental authorities.