We create biodiversity

As a forest company with industries, we depend on the natural world being healthy, sustainable and thriving – for our planet, our business and for generations to come. Our aim is to ensure that all naturally occurring species are able to continue to live in Holmen’s forests

What is biodiversity?

Biodiversity is a complex interaction between many different species in many different natural environments and is essential to all life on earth. Together, plants and animals make fantastic ecosystems in which all the species depend on each other. If one species disappears, it can lead to a negative impact on other plants or animals, disrupting the stability of the natural cycle. This is why we work actively to preserve biodiversity in every respect.

Why is biodiversity important?

Sweden’s forest is an invaluable resource that binds carbon and provides a renewable alternative to fossil materials such as concrete and steel. It is also home to numerous plant and animal species. Biodiversity is essential to all life on our planet.

Healthy ecosystems provide increased protection for harvests, plant pollination and food from the oceans, for example, while also contributing towards a stable climate.

Preserving biodiversity throughout our value chain

All our business areas form part of the ecocycle of forest-based renewable raw materials. We transform the raw material into everything from wood for climate-smart building to renewable packaging, magazines and books. We also produce renewable energy from water and wind power.

We protect biodiversity in everything from our forest management to our modern industries and hydro and wind power plants. Our products are also biodegradable, which minimises the risk of them having a negative impact on life in the sea. 

More about our environmental work

SB: Upptäck Holmens kunskapsskogar

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