Holmen's operations are of great significance to employment in the places where the company is active. The investments, initiatives and cutbacks that have been made in recent years also affect the rest of the labour market in the affected communities.

Holmen maintains regular contact with authorities, other land users and the rest of the business community. The general public, decision makers and the media are informed about the Group's activities. Permits for operations are continuously reviewed, and local residents are consulted in cases where Holmen's industrial sites are located close to communities. The business is of great significance to employment in the places where the company is active. The land holdings in large areas of northern Sweden overlap Sami winter grazing land for reindeer. Via consultation with the reindeer husbandry community, we are looking for solutions that meet both parties' requirements to as great an extent as possible. 

Holmen has several years been gauging the Group's impact on local employment in Sweden and in Workington, in the north of England. Holmen Skog's role as an employer in regions where it operates is included in these calculations. 

The income earned by forest owners on sales of wood to Holmen is translated into jobs. Holmen has a total of around 3 000 employees in Sweden. However, the total number of jobs generated by the Group is far higher. Through a ripple effect, further jobs are created at suppliers. Jobs are also created elsewhere in the business community and in public services as a consequence of the purchasing power that these jobs provide. The community studies carried out by the Group shows that the average Holmen employee generates a further three jobs elsewhere in the community. 

This creates a total of around 12 000 jobs in Sweden. In recent years the number has increased, which can be explained by increased purchase of forest raw material from private forest owners and higher production at Holmen Timber's sawmill at Braviken. Converted, this has led to a rise in the number of fulltime equivalent jobs among sub-contract suppliers. Workforce reductions within the Group have at the same time had a negative impact. 

Holmen is endeavouring to minimise the impact of cutbacks and reorganisation, both for individual employees and for the communities affected. This includes assistance in finding new jobs and training.

Local involvement

As a major employer, Holmen takes part in local activities in many locations. This participation ranges from representation in various research contexts and in municipal marketing companies to scholarship activities.


Holmen supports a number of locally based clubs in places where the company has operations. The Group also cooperates with MODO Hockey, IFK Norrköping, Livrustkammaren (The Royal Armoury Museum) and Sweden's Young Investors. 

Social assets of the forest

The forest offers people a wealth of leisure opportunities. All Swedish forests are open to the general public under the right of common access. Holmen land is used for activities such as hunting, angling, bird watching and mushroom and berry picking. Holmen works to make the forest more accessible to more people by, for example, constructing forest roads. Recent research demonstrates clearly that forests and nature have a beneficial effect on people's physical and mental health. 

Read more about the social assets of the forests.




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