The most significant difference compared to the 2010 survey can be seen in the trend for forest raw material. In 2011, the volume of forest raw material purchased from private forests increased by almost 15%, while the transfer price/cubic metre to suppliers rose by around 12%. This development has led to a steep rise in income among our raw material suppliers, the effect of which is estimated at almost 400 new “yearly salaries” for forest owners. Along with other multiplicative effects, this means a total of around 850–900 new FTEs (full-time equivalents).


The biggest effect in 2011 was achieved at Holmen Skog, Region Norrköping, where the volume of harvesting projects increased by as much as 27%.


In 2011, the new Braviken sawmill made an impact on the figures. The total effect of this investment can be estimated to around 300 jobs in the Norrköping region.


Holmen’s operations create almost 13 000 FTEs in Sweden via the business conducted within the business areas. The staff units and Holmen Energi can be added to this, meaning a further 100 or so jobs.


The conclusion that can be drawn is that for each Holmen job (direct job), more than three further jobs are created in Sweden.


Comments from Stig Ömalm, Ömalm Consulting AB made in connection with the 2011 Social Study commissioned by Holmen AB.


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