Holmen's environmental work focuses on efficient use of raw material and energy, with the forest playing a key role on the climate issue through its absorption of carbon dioxide.

Holmen's environmental responsibility

Environmental and energy concerns play a natural role in Holmen's planning of its production and investments. The Group's operations are characterised by resource-efficient use of renewable raw materials and energy. Energy, chemicals and fibre are recovered as far as possible, in order to minimise the environmental impact of production. 

Holmen follows the requirements laid down by environmental legislation and the environmental authorities. Compliance is ensured via statutory official inspections and through the improvement work that is being implemented at the production facilities within the framework of the environmental and energy management systems.

Environmental targets for sustainable development

Holmen has been working on Group-wide environmental targets for sustainable development for several years. Increased production and use of products made from renewable forest raw material is important for the production itself and for the climate. Holmen therefore has a target of increasing growth in Holmen's forests by 25 per cent by 2050 compared with 2007.

The Group's target for fossil fuels is to reduce their use at the mills by 75 per cent by 2020 compared with 2005 levels. A reduction of 75 per cent has been achieved by 2016. Extensive investments in bio-based energy production at the paperboard mills, and the adjusted energy strategy at the other mills have had a huge impact on fossil fuel use. The facility in Madrid was sold in mid-2016. Energy production at the mill is based on natural gas, a fossil fuel. The sale of the mill has thus resulted in a further drop in Holmen's fossil carbon dioxide emissions. For this reason, the target has been revised and from 2017 use of fossil fuel is to be cut by 90 per cent from 2005 to 2020.

The third climate-related sustainability target is to increase company-produced renewable electrical energy as a proportion of total electricity use by Holmen. The target for 2020 is for production to reach 50 per cent, compared with 31 per cent for the base year 2005. In 2016 self-generated renewable energy accounted for 45 per cent of Holmen's total electricity use. Access to water for the hydro power plants was slightly down in 2016 compared with 2015, leading to lower electricity production.


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