Linghem Sawmill is located 11 km east of Linköping. Linghem Sawmill is a dedicated small log sawmill with an integrated planing mill, producing sawn and planed spruce and pine wood products for joinery and construction purposes.

Environmental activities in 2017

Linghem Sawmill's environmental work is based on the conditions in the environmental permit. Procedures and processes described in the business underpin the company's environmental work.

By-products (bark) from the sawmill are incinerated in the mill's own solid fuel boiler and fossil-free energy in the form of hot water/heat is used in the timber drying process and to heat the production premises.

Efficient energy use and sound waste management ensure a low environmental impact. Increased production with high utilisation of raw materials has resulted in more deliveries of renewable biofuel.

Permits for operation

The sawmill has operated with permits under the Environmental Code since 2003.

Environmental certification

Holmen Timber holds chain-of-custody certification under PEFCTM (2004) and FSC® (FSC-ID) (2005).

Linghem Sawmill has been included in the chain-of-custody certification for PEFCTM and FSC® since June 2017.

Investments/environmental measures

Linghem Sawmill is designed such that, when fully operational, it will achieve high productivity in terms of raw material use and energy consumption. Efficient handling of by-products results in low environmental impact and an increased contribution of biofuels in the local area. In 2017, an area measuring 1 200 m2 was asphalted around the loading zone, along with 350 m2 of interim storage. Taken together, the investments create a basis for a better working environment and reduced diesel consumption and consequently for lower carbon dioxide emissions.

Disruptions to production and complaints

No disruptions to production with an environmental impact occurred during the year.

Follow-up of environmental targets in 2017

No environmental targets were set for 2017 when the business was taken over in April 2017.

Environmental targets in 2018

Using the outcome figures for 2016-2017 as a basis, follow-up the investments made with regard to:

  • More efficient electricity use via a new saw line, measured in kWh per m3 sawn timber.

  • Achieving a value for thermal energy consumption of less than 300 kWh per m3 sawn timber.

  • More efficient production in terms of diesel consumption, measured in litres per m3 sawn timber.

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