The EU Regulation on chemicals and their safe use was introduced in 2007. Holmen works systematically to fulfil its requirements.

Chemicals are necessary when producing paper and paperboard, for instance to endow the products with specific properties. Certain chemicals are used in large amounts while others only occur in small quantities.

Only approved chemicals

Chemicals groups have been established at all Holmen mills. The chemicals are assessed on the basis of aspects such as technical function, product safety, the working environment and the external environment. 

Holmen takes regular steps to develop and improve the joint chemicals database used within the Group. This work takes place in close co-operation with the companies that supply the chemicals. 

Every year, Holmen sends a comprehensive report on its use of chemicals to the environmental authorities. 

The EU regulation REACH has resulted in more stringent requirements for manufacturers and importers of chemicals to make health and environmental risk assessments. The Group is working towards fulfilling the requirements of REACH, for instance by forming a REACH network and using the industry federations in Sweden and the UK as support.




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