Holmen is to offer a work environment that is safe in terms of physical and social conditions. Health and safety issues are to be a priority at Holmen. The aim is safe and injury-free business operations in which health is promoted, ill-health is prevented and deficiencies are dealt with. The text corresponds to the major part of Holmen’s internal document “Work environment policy”.


Health and safety work is to be run in line with applicable legislation and requirements set by the authorities. The work is to cover systematic analysis, surveys and risk assessments as well as measures and follow-up.

Health and safety issues must as far as possible be handled consistently throughout the Group with Group-wide rules and prioritising good communication. The work is to be run preventively in all areas with focus on risks and safe behaviours. Particular attention must be paid to health and safety in the event of changes, e.g. regarding operational and product development, organisational changes and investments.

Holmen is to make demands on suppliers, requiring them to comply with the local work environment rules.

Holmen's production units must be certified under OHSAS 18001.


Together with employees, Holmen is to create a safe workplace in which instructions, procedures and safety equipment are in place. Accidents, incidents and risk observations must be notified, analysed and result in remedial action. Holmen's target is zero accidents in the workplace leading to sick leave.

In all its operations Holmen is to identify possible emergency situations.

No employee may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs at Holmen's workplaces. To ensure a safe and secure work environment, employees and external staff carrying out services at Holmen's workplaces may be subject to alcohol and drug tests.


Holmen is to raise awareness of the importance of health issues and problems with ill-health as well as to emphasise good leadership and attentiveness in handling these issues. The work environment must be adapted to the differing circumstances of employees as far as possible.

Procedures for surveying risk of ill-health, bullying and harassment must be in place for all operations at Holmen. Discrimination, offensive treatment, harassment, abuse and threats are unacceptable at Holmen and may not occur in the workplace. Employees must be able to feel comfortable, safe and respected in their workplace.

Holmen is to work preventively to reduce the need for sick leave and rehabilitation. Employees that are, however, injured in an accident or fall ill are to be given work-related rehabilitation with the aim of returning to work as soon as possible.


All employees are responsible for their own work environment and that of their colleagues by acting safely and following the instructions and procedures in place, and for drawing attention to risks and incidents that occur.

CEO bears overarching responsibility for work environment issues and this is to be delegated, in one or more steps.

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