The Group's purchasing should contribute to Holmen's long-term profitability. The sustainable supply of raw materials, products and services should be ensured in both the short and long term.


Holmen should apply a high standard of business ethics and all purchasing should ensure objectivity, a holistic perspective and competition.

When purchasing employees should endeavour to take a Group-wide approach, create and utilise synergies and ensure efficient use of resources and capital.

Purchasing should be based on clear specifications designed to meet environmental and functional requirements and achieve the lowest total cost. Holmen strives to have at least three approved suppliers for each product and service.

Agreements should be in writing. Purchasing should be carried out from suppliers with which Holmen has frame agreements.

Permanent equipment must not be rented or leased.


Supply risks must be minimised through a process of regular supplier evaluation.

Holmen's suppliers and their subcontractors are expected to follow internationally recognised principles relating to anti-corruption, human rights, health and safety, and the environment.

See also Holmen's Supplier Code of Conduct.


It is the responsibility of each employee to be aware of and comply with this policy. Strategic Purchasing should be contacted in the event of uncertainty about the interpretation of this policy.

Applicable laws, regulations and other relevant national and international rules shall always be complied with and given precedence if they are stricter than or conflict with the content of a policy or guideline.

Any suspicion of a breach of compliance regarding these matters should be reported to an immediate supervisor, HR or by using the whistleblower function, which is available on Holmen's intranet and external website

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