The HR policy clearly sets out expectations and responsibilities in essential areas that affect employees at Holmen. The text corresponds to the major part of Holmen's internal document "HR policy".

What is expected of Holmen's employees

Holmen sets requirements and has expectations of employees in order to ensure that the business objectives are achieved and that legislation and collective agreements are complied with. The requirements and the expectations are supported by the management by objectives process, the Code of Conduct and Holmen's values of courage, commitment and responsibility.

Holmen's core values

Holmen's core values of courage, commitment and responsibility are tools for developing behaviours and making better decisions to achieve the objectives set. Feedback on behaviours must be given in the workplace day to day and at performance reviews.

Management by objectives

As part of the Group's annual strategy review, each business area draws up a business plan and sets objectives for its operations. The business plan forms the basis of the expectations made of each respective business area and its units. On the basis of the expectations, each unit sets objectives and identifies success factors for achieving them. KPIs are linked to the success factors in order to measure and monitor change.

Talent management

Every year each business area must draw up a talent management plan based on the current situation and future skills needs, in the short and the longer term.

All recruitment must be based on skills and personal suitability. No applicant may be discriminated against. Where skills are equal, priority is to be given to internal candidates and under-represented groups.

At least one performance review must be held each year in which goals, performance, behaviours and plans for development are discussed and an opportunity for mutual feedback is provided.

Holmen is to place particular focus on nurturing the talent and commitment of employees who perform particularly well.

Freedom of association, union agreements and collaboration

Holmen must respect the rights of each employee to join, or refuse to join, a union or other organisations. Holmen is to work for good cooperation with the unions that represent the employees.

Gender equality, diversity and equal treatment

Holmen is to work for a work environment and a business culture founded on the equal value of all people. All Holmen's employees must have the same rights, obligations and opportunities irrespective of sex, transgender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation, age, nationality, political opinion, union membership, social background, health status or family responsibilities. Holmen must comply with Swedish law on gender equality and discrimination in all the countries in which the company operates, where these operations are run by Holmen. There must be no incidence of discrimination, harassment, abuse or threats in the workplace.

Pay, working hours and other terms of employment

Holmen is to pay market salaries and apply differentiated and individual pay setting, within the limits set by pay agreements, based on the difficulty and responsibilities of the position and the individual's performance. Minimum wage requirements, statutory or contractual, must be complied with. Holmen's employees must have a written contract of employment. Holmen must respect employees' privacy and handle personal data in confidence.

Employee benefits are to be appropriate and in line with the market. As a rule, employee benefits must be general and geared towards all employees or groups of employees.


Business travel must be appropriate and cost-efficient, and be conducted in a way that also ensures a safe and secure working environment when travelling.

Health and safety

Holmen is to provide a good work environment that is safe in terms of physical, health-related and psychosocial aspects with the aim of being safe and injury-free.

Social engagement

Holmen's employees are free to participate in clubs and societies, including political activities, but Holmen does not allow party-political activities to take place at the workplace. It must not be possible to interpret a personal political involvement as being endorsed by Holmen.

About the policy

It is the responsibility of each employee to be aware of and comply with the policy and its associated guidelines. In the event of any uncertainty as to how this is to be interpreted, the respective HR department should be contacted, and the issue passed on to Group HR where necessary.

Any suspicion of a breach regarding these matters should be reported to an immediate supervisor or by using the whistleblower function on Holmen's intranet and external website.

Laws and regulations always take precedence if they are stricter or if they conflict with the content of a policy or guideline.



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