In respect of a forest ownership, parties may have more than one role against each other. Holmen processes personal data about forest owners in their role as suppliers of wood, as customers of forest management services and also as owners of forest properties covered by forest management plans and other questions relating to forestry.

The purpose is to handle all questions and undertakings that might arise in relation to the relation between Holmen and forest owners. Our legal basis for this processing is the performance of a contract to which the data subject is party.

In some situations, a forest owner's personal data is processed even though there are no contractual relation to Holmen, for instance data of an owner of owner of property adjacent to the property covered by Holmen's contract relation. Holmen have a need to communicate with these property owners in both our and their interest to ensure adequate and efficient forestry. Our legal basis for this processing is legitimate interest where the data subjects' interests or fundamental rights and freedoms are not afforded greater weight than Holmen’s legitimate interest in being able to communicate and to plan our business.

An additional distinguishing feature in respect of the relation to forest owners comes from the fact that owning and managing the forest is a long-term commitment, often including several generations. Forest management implies that many issues need to be weighed in to ensure that adequate measures are taken in both short and long term. Holmen considers it necessary to have a long-term relationship with forest owners to create the best conditions, which results in a longer term for retaining data in these relations compared to other business relations.


You always have an opportunity to request deregistration of your data used for marketing. If you want to unsubscribe and there is no legal requirement that prevents removal, our processing will cease, and your data will be removed, which also means that Holmen cannot continue to send you information or invitations. If you no longer wish to receive information and invitations from Holmen Skog, you can unsubscribe using the link below.

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