Next to Braviken Paper Mill outside Norrköping, Sweden, we have built one of Scandinavia’s largest sawmills. Braviken Sawmill specialises in structural whitewood timber and has the annual capacity of 750,000 cubic metres of sawn timber.

Production has been in full swing at the sawmill since January 2011. Here at Braviken Sawmill we specialise in spruce construction timber. We obtain our raw material from forests in the local area. "Building with Wood" is our name for the product range that comes from BravikenGran (Braviken Spruce).  


Our modern plant makes efficient and large-scale manufacturing possible. The timber is already sorted by strength during the sawmill process. It is dried using the latest equipment, including pressure frames and conditioning, to obtain dimensionally stable products. The timber is predominantly processed on the spot at the sawmill. We then plane and trim according to our customers’ wishes. Our timber lengths are 3.6–6.0 metres, with the capability to trim down to two shorter lengths.


One of the sawmill’s specialities is lengths of 6.0 metres. This is made possible by trimming long logs in the forest. Many customers demand extra long timber for their products. As there are few sawmills in Scandinavia capable of producing 6-metre lengths, this is of particularly great interest to us.


The proximity of Braviken to the port of Norrköping is a strength. There we have direct access to large handling capacity and a transport network out into the world by sea, rail and road.



  • Production start:  January 2011
  • Capacity goal:  750 000 m3
  • Demand for raw material: 1 500 000 m3fub
  • Tree species:  spruce
  • Employees:  approx. 110 2010/2011
  • Industrial area:  40 hectares
  • Investment: Approx. €100 M
Sawmill / Sågverk
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Sweden / Sverige
Sawn timber “locks in"
carbon dioxide when used
Build/live with wood before
it will be used as bioenergy

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