Holmen Timber has been sawing and exporting timber since 1873 in various corporate guises. We are driven, as we always have been, by a passion for wood products.

At Holmen Timber you will encounter an exciting and dynamic company with an advanced level of technology. We are committed to development and are at the forefront when it comes to using the latest technology to support operations. We are driven by our passion for wood products and our aspiration to constantly develop ourselves and adapt our products to our customers’ needs. 

Our three modern sawmills makes Holmen Timber a total supplier of wood products with construction timber and joinery timber.  

Facts Holmen Timber 2016 2015
Net sales, SEKm* 1 342  1 314
Operating profit excluding
items affecting comparability, SEKm*
-3  9
Investments, SEKm* 52  130
Operating capital, SEKm* 892  924
Average number of employees* 225  213
Deliveries, ‘000 m3 * 776  730

* Excluding Linghem Sawmill that was aquired in April 2017. 



Wood products “locks in"
carbon dioxide when used
Build/live with wood before
it will be used as bioenergy

Holmen AB, P.O. Box 5407, SE-114 84 Stockholm, Sweden.

Tel: +46 8 666 21 00  E-mail: info@holmen.com


Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement


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